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Welcome to the original NatureKids website

'What we do is very simple - what happens is extremely profound'

NatureKids helps build a path for children, parents and teachers in their homes and schools

‘Enjoying my day’ website provides ongoing support for everyone worldwide

"'Be who you are and find out who you can become"

A place to be
A place that's fun
A place that feels like home and family
A place to become:
adept at basic school skills
intellectually adept
adventurous and brave
energetic and strong
emotionally balanced
friendly and caring
totally absorbed
full of self worth
in touch with nature
in touch with inner self
in touch with source

A place to be yourself

Our farm still provides a place for kids to be outdoors, both past, present and future NatureKids.

In my experience many children are not receiving the support that they need, because their needs fall between health and education. To bring these children, indeed all children, to their potential as happy, purposeful human beings, a joint approach of health and education together will be the most effective.

I ran NatureKids daily for 15 years in my own home. I learnt a lot that I now want to share with as many parents, professionals, teens and kids.

The need for kids to receive a NatureKids type support has not diminished. When I first started teaching many years ago, I worked with about 5 in 300 who needed extra support. That was 5 out of a whole Primary school. When I was last working as a SENCO, 15 years ago, I saw about 5 for each 30 children – so 5 from every class. The kids of today need our understanding, support and compassion more than ever before.

NatureKids now offers just assessments rather than full time schooling, while I write about all that I have learnt from all the Nature Kids over the past 15 years, so as to share the knowledge the kids have given me.

The assessment can help you and your child cope when all feels hopeless, support health and well being, develop effective learning strategies for school, make managing challenging circumstances easier and lead all your family towards happier days. Please see assessment page.

An assessment can be useful for gifted and individualistic children, those who seem to experience life in a very different way to their parents, as well as those with specific differences including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Speech and Language Delay, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Aspergers and all the other aspects of the Autistic Spectrum.

Reasons for Disability Allowance are often found, and sometimes Respite Funding. These can help fund the assessment fees and natural health and other support.

My first book will be a quick, mostly easy read, with some challenges. It has 101 short pages about enjoying your day with your kid(s), but also it covers understanding the different ways your child experiences life and how they communicate and feel.

I am also building a new website that is more interactive with all the up to date information about the kids of today – they are so different to previous generations. Whether the kids are managing everyday life at home and in school or completely resisting everything, coping with neurological / physical differences or presenting with challenging behaviours and learning difficulties, they are here to teach us that life can be lived in a fulfilling way, even when they have the most dire labels. Sometimes those kids who express the most angst and anger, are those most wanting to be kind and caring – we can help them find their path and their passion.

The link to this site,
Enjoying My Day, will soon be available.

Enjoying my day will build a focus for:

parents to build their lifestyles to calm any challenges and to bring their kids towards their
potential as their true selves.

support for understanding the differences with the kids of today,

information useful for the kids themselves,

a place for teenagers,

new information and ideas for teachers and professionals,

Links to like minded and helpful sites and books

Many children benefit from a holistic approach to health and education and the more people who can spread these ideas, the more opportunities there will be for the kids of today and future generations.