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February 2016

New testimonials – thanks!

“NatureKids helps me find the strength and confidence to be ME.” L

“As a child, NatureKids was the perfect refuge for me to recuperate my cluttered mind after a very dark and chaotic few years of conventional schooling. I was enabled to tap into my creative potential and fully engage with the person I am at my core which is something I thought I had irretrievably lost sight of. Nature Kids has helped me to see that Education is not solely a process of being spoon-fed information and being expected to regurgitate it on demand, but it is the art of accessing wisdom through enjoyable experience.“ H

Thank you, Felicity. Everything you ever said about my son is 100 % true.’ D, Luxembourg

"Meeting Felicity has been the very best thing I could ever have done for my daughter. After years of struggling to cope with the demands of modern-day life and being let down by the numerous  professionals involved in her care , I feel confident my teenage daughter is now on the road to reaching her potential as the happy , healthy person she deserves to be." L

Since E was a baby I could see that she found every aspect of her life difficult. From then on I was looking for someone to help me understand her. I feel very grateful that in 2011 we came across NatureKids. Felicity's work with us has reversed the course of our lives. It has given E a new lease of life and allowed me to know my daughter as a brilliant and gifted person instead of seeing her through her difficulties. S

Here are some previous personal stories from NatureKids that speak for themselves. We thank all those who have allowed us to include them.

'Before L came to NatureKids we had an extremely anxious boy with little confidence and poor self-esteem. At NatureKids he becomes more relaxed by the day and it is exciting for us to see the real L emerging - he is surprising himself with what he is actually capable of!'

'NatureKids provides a unique environment in which J can progress both academically and socially. His resultant progress has been outstanding since attending NatureKids and we can now look forward to the future for him.'

'NatureKids has given all our family holistic support and introduction to remedies and therapies that have benefited us all. Parents at NatureKids have grown together to support one another and provide links and information.'

When we first decided to home educate, we weren't sure how we would cope as we both worked, albeit part time. We also felt out oldest boy S, age 5, was ready to start learning to read. We thought about private tutors but then heard about NatureKids. I went to meet Felicity and was impressed by the 'home from home' environment, her knowledge and intuition of the individuality of children and her passion for a combination of good health, outdoor play and stimulating learning.’